Colitisurine therapy

My personal experience with urine therapy

My first experiences with urine date back over 40 years…

But, let us start at the beginning. In Salamanca my father had one of the best pastry shops in town. Since I could remember, over the age of 9, I sneakily managed to eat all kinds of cakes, chocolates and sweets at all times. Particularly some Uña brand chocolates drove me crazy.

Of course at lunchtime I was never hungry. I soon developed a persistent colitis whose cause no one could guess. My parents took me to different doctors which did nothing else than prescribe all kinds of pills, seeking to suppress symptoms without touching the causes. Nobody thought that my colitis had anything to do with the pastry shop. Colitis became second nature with me: my normal state of being.

As the years went by, I became increasingly interested in natural life and food.

By the time I reached my twenties, I had already acquired a good knowledge of natural and alternative medicines. Among all the different natural therapies, Urine Therapy immediately caught my attention.

Urine Therapy appeared to me as the perfect natural healing method. This therapy assumed the philosophy and principles of Natural Medicine, in terms of not interfering with the body’s self-healing power. Also, Urine Therapy was fundamentally based on a surprising and amazing medicinal substance: your own urine.

Soon enough, I realized that this therapy made perfect sense! Actually urine, what is it? A precious substance! A “blood filtrate”! A filtering of your own very blood! A wonderful, inexhaustible and free medicine! A medicine manufactured by yourself!

Full of enthusiasm and even without being really sick I tried a urine therapy. I immediately noticed a feeling of well-being. Colitis episodes never again crop up, pimples disappeared from my face and any rash from my body, and I practically did not catch again any colds or the flu.

In flu epidemics, I saw how many of my colleagues in the office suffered serious flu episodes with fever. Flu symptoms used to last for several days, despite of their taking good amounts of antibiotics, often self-prescribed!

Over time I stopped using urine therapy, since I was feeling fine, without realizing that urine therapy also aims at maintaining health, besides being used for disease treatment.

Now then, we come to the present moment. In the “Urine Therapy” section I have already commented that when in a routine colonoscopy nothing abnormal was detected, I commented to my wife:

“What a pity, I would have liked to have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor!”

“Do not say such atrocities again” – my wife snapped at me with all justice, I must admit.

Why so strange a wish, I myself did not fully understand it at the time. Maybe I saw it as a challenge. Or maybe I thought it would be unthinkable for my beloved body to develop a tumor without warning. Or if it did, I thought, it would be for the better, to improve on something.

When, indeed, very recently, in December 2020, just 2 months ago I was diagnosed with an advanced prostate cancer with metastases, as I explained in the “Diagnosis Cancer” section, for a few seconds, just for a few seconds, I felt I didn’t like the news a lot.

Wasn’t I invulnerable? How was it possible I had developed ta tumor to an advanced stage, with metastasis, without my realizing it and without my body having warned me or said anything about it? Or maybe it had and I hadn’t paid any attention to it?

After the first moments of stupor, I was immediately overjoyed and knew that I was going to embark on an exciting life journey.

From the very beginning and before the diagnosis was confirmed, I underwent an intense auto-therapy, process which I will fully explain in the corresponding section.

I have followed the therapy along the month of January 2021. The therapy mainly consisted of ingesting my own urine combined with daily “urine rubbings” over the whole body. Once completed the therapy, I have put myself in a maintenance urine therapy, which I am still keeping.

Shortly after starting the therapy, a whole series of immediate and positive “side effects” have been noticed in my body: intestinal regulation, disappearance of skin eruptions and cracks in feet, etc. But the best and most surprising effect of the therapy has been a feeling of great physical and mental strength, a great state of mind.

Despite having rejected the radiotherapy treatment proposed by the hospital oncologist who made the diagnosis, the hospital will carry out an “active surveillance” of the evolution of the tumor.

What will be the result of the first follow-up medical consultation that is coming up? Do I worry about the results? Not the least bit! We will post them here.

I can anticipate the result. Perfect health! I do not contemplate another possibility. Indeed, as will be explained in this blog, true health consists in what state of mind you are in, and whether you have dreams, hopes, projects. In short, the fundamental question we should ask ourselves is whether we have or not true zest for living.

There is nothing with a greater healing power than a great state of mind. Neither urine therapy nor any therapy can be effective unless accompanied by a great state of mind. I’ll prepare you for that dear reader!

At times when you are feeling perfectly alright, without any overt signs or symptoms of illness, as in majority of diagnoses of supposedly serious illnesses, should you suddenly feel depressed, worried or ill in the face of a simple word: cancer?

In any case, if we have projects, enthusiasm and desire to live, medical consultations, diagnoses, analyzes and results cannot affect us. We can and should “take care” of doing what is most appropriate at each moment, in no case “worry” about it.

Often the diagnosis does not tell us about what is happening or rather, how we are feeling, but what it tell us what may happen in the future (thank you very much for the information doctor!). Such a diagnosis is in fact a prognosis, a prognosis of what may happen, but has not yet happened!

Are we prepared to do something with full confidence, conviction, and excitement?

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