Applicationurine therapy

Application of urine therapy

If i feel ok, does urine therapy make sense for me?

It makes a lot of sense. The founder of Urine Therapy, John Armstrong, conceived his therapy precisely for the maintenance of health, not just for the treatment of disease.

We can therefore speak of a low-intensity health maintenance urine therapy and a high-intensity healing urine therapy for the treatment of the disease. In any case, the therapy to follow will be exactly the same:

1) Ingestion of one’s own urine; 2) Application of urine rubbings and compresses on the skin; and 3) Urine and water fasts in combination with urine rubs.


Containers for storage and use of urine

A normal person produces one to two liters of urine daily. Therefore we will not have a shortage of product.

As for containers, 2 one-liter bottles and a glass will suffice. We should also get a folding glass in order to always carry it with us and thus being able to ingest our urine with total discretion (going to the bathroom for example) wherever we are.

One of the bottles will be used for “old urine”, urine preferably for urine rubbings. Urine can be considered “old urine” after having been stored, in one of the bottles that we have, for 3 or 4 days. There is no problem, on the contrary, in using older urine, even after more than a month has elapsed.

Old urine smells of ammonia, because the fermentation of urine transforms urea into ammonia.

Urine rubbings are not “urine baths”. The thing is simpler. A little more than one glass of urine is enough to perform full-body urine rubbing.


Drinking urine for the first time

When I try to remember the first time I tried to drink urine, I find it difficult to believe that it was a “bad shot.” I think I remember that I had to take courage, think it twice, close my eyes and drink a little in one go.

The thing was not so bad! And it so happens that after a first impression we soon get used to the taste of urine. The taste and smell of urine vary a lot even on the same day, depending on the food we have previously eaten.

After a hearty meal, rich in protein: based on meat, fish, eggs and cheese, the taste of urine may be, if we are not used to it, bitter and unpleasant.

The first time we drink urine, it is advisable to do so after 2 or 3 hours following a light meal or light breakfast. In such case, the urine will hardly taste at all.


Urine rubbings on the skin

Urine rubbings consist of rubbing urine on our skin. Rubbings are carried out, either all over the body or PART of it, according to the intensity of the prescribed treatment (usually auto-prescribed).

The skin is a living organ that absorbs everything. The rubbings, therefore, are intended for the components of urine to penetrate through the skin into our body.


Attention! Rubbings are not massages

In Urine Therapy we give ourselves rubbings, not massages. Vigorous rubbings are intended to make it easier for urine to be absorbed through the skin. Massages have varied and different purposes.

TO CARRY OUT THE RUBBINGS, pour a little urine into the hollow of the hand and apply it as a cream.

THE RUBBINGS SHOULD BE APPLIED WITH ENERGY (but avoiding damaging any protruding veins).

Urine rubbings are applied by vigorously rubbing the skin with the bare palm of the hand until the urine completely dries, which will occur in 3 to 4 minutes.


How to apply the rubbings

We can stand on the bathtub or shower tray to apply the rubs. The rubs are applied to small areas of the body, area by area, without going to the next area until the area we are applying is completely dry.

We can start by applying the urine little by little going up each leg, continuing up the arms, trunk, neck, face and head.


Avoid getting old urine into the eyes

I have not seen any treatise advising to be careful with the eyes when applying urine therapy, taken into consideration that the ammonia concentration in old urine is too high for the eyes, which could certainly damage the them. On the other hand, such concentration of ammonia in old urine makes ideal and more effective than fresh urine for external use.

Even with fresh urine, care must be excersiced when applying or washing your eyes with it. It can be beneficial to the eyes when applied on occasion, controlled and with a purpose, but should not be done habitually.

ONCE THE RUBBING ARE COMPLETED and the body being dry, we can choose either to take a shower or to dress without taking a shower. Urine once absorbed through the skin or dried on it, does not give off any odor. In case you do not wish to take a shower after the rubbings, it is advisable anyway to wash your hair (only with water) since wet hair takes longer to dry.

After performing the urine rubbings, it is not necessary to wash the hair with shampoo, it is enough to do it with water, since the urine acts as the best of shampoos. In addition, you will soon notice the beneficial effects of urine on your hair.

Urine regenerates the hair, the hair acquires luster, the most common problems of the hair and scalp, such as dandruff or hair loss, are almost instantly eradicated. The most surprising effect is that some gray hair disappears and the hair appears blacker or with its natural color.


Urine packs

Urine packs simply consist of applying cloths soaked in urine and kept moist by adding more urine.

Urine packs are indicated when it is not possible to rub certain parts of the body. Thus in no way will rubs be given on tumors, sores, boils, burns, wounds, lumps, swellings, varicose veins or any visible alteration that protrudes on the skin.

As a complement to urine rubbings, packs can be applied on different parts of the body where disease, pain or discomfort is located. For example, on the neck in case of colds, or in the lower abdomen, in case of persistent colitis or constipation, and on the head, in the event of persistent pain.


Urine and water fasts in combination with urine rubbings

The fundamental core of urine therapy is precisely the whole concept of urine fasting. It is not just any fast, it is a fast based on urine and water, AND ALWAYS in combination with whole body urine rubbings.

Armstrong advocated rigorous urine and water fasts combined with urine rubs, lasting up to more than a month and a half, although he also records cures from serious illnesses after short fasts of 3 or 4 days.

Any type of fast, if adequately performed, is normally beneficial, but it is neither without danger nor is it something for everyone. Some people simply cannot bear fasting, while to others is contraindicated.

Therefore we must enter into fasting with extreme caution and advised by a doctor or therapist.

In the face of a serious illness, if we think that we can bear a strict fast of urine and water right away, all the better. We can start by doing it with a duration of between 4 to 7 days. Fasting, of course, which must be combined with urine rubbings all over the body.


Modified urine fasts: light diet of soup or broth. Diet to follow if we cannot follow a strict fast of urine and water

If for any reason we cannot follow a strict urine and water fast, I agree with some authors who recommend starting with a modified urine and water fast.

Therefore, we can complement the normal urine fast (which always will include, I insist, urine rubbings as an essential part of it) with a light diet based on vegetable soups or/and broths.

If available, I strongly recommend cabbage as vegetable. According to traditional Greco-Roman sources, cabbage surpasses all other vegetables as a wholesome food.

By vegetable soup I mean the classical dish (not necessarily vegetarian), mostly liquid, but which can be considered solid food. If choosing to take the soup I recommend to just eat the cabbage.

By broth (alternative to the soup, or taken combined with it) I mean take it as a “beverage”, that is to say a savory liquid made of water in which bones, meat, or vegetables have been simmered.

Summing up the above, I advocate a light restorative diet to complement and modify urine therapy fasts when necessary.



I do not recommend fruit juices as a complement to fasting.

I particularly do not recommend fruit juices, because although they may be “natural” they contain a quantity of sugars that we should not put into the bloodstream, forcing the pancreas to overwork.


In summary: what does urine therapy consist of?

Urine Therapy consists of performing, in combination and at the same time, the following actions:

1. – DRINK OUR URINE. Throughout the day, depending on the liquid we ingest, we produce one to two liters of urine. And depending on the intensity of the treatment, we should drink from one glass of urine a day to all the urine we produce (or at least ¾ parts).

For the complete urine therapy treatment it is recommended to drink all the urine that we pass throughout 24 hours. However, it may be advisable, at times, to refrain from ingesting urine after 9 in the evening, in order that we can properly rest, not having to get up to the bathroom at night.

2. – URINE RUBBINGS (in intensive, complete or classical therapy). One or two full-body urine rubbings should be performed daily: from head to toe, for 30 days. Rubbing yourself all over your body is not taking a urine bath. One or two glasses of urine is enough for a full-body rubbing. Urine is applied in a similar way to how you would apply a cream. In order not to mess our house, we can do the rubbings standing up on the bathtub or shower tray. Full- body urine rubbing until we are completely dry, takes about an hour.



Duration of a urine therapy

HEALING THERAPY. Intensive and rigorous urine therapy can last from a week to a month, after which maintenance therapy is continued.

MAINTENANCE THERAPY. Maintenance therapy can and should last a lifetime like breathing, eating, or drinking. Maintenance therapy consists of:

Ingesting urine every day, from a few simple drops (homeopathic action of which we will talk in another section) to a glass of urine, quantities more than enough for optimal maintenance.

We can also include ingesting or ABSORBING URINE THROUGH THE NOSE DAILY, which will clear the airways and will be a very beneficial contact of urine with the mucosa of the nose.

In addition to drinking urine daily, we must do, from time to time, brief urine fasts combined with full or partial body rubbings.

Rubs do not have to be full body. Partial rubbings of legs, arms, trunk, head, and face may be done. Simple face rubbings every now and then can be enough to maintain urine absorption through the skin and are easily performed.

Partial rubs can have the same or greater beneficial effects in the long run than full body rubs, depending on how frequently they are performed, as the purpose of rubs is that urine is absorbed no matter through which part of the body.

APPLYING URINE PACKS on certain parts of the body, when looking for a special effect, as well as application of packs on tumors or superficial sores of the skin which in no way should be rubbed.

Regarding the amount of urine to drink daily for the maintenance of health, my recommendation is the one reflected above: from a few drops to a glass.

Now then, there are no limits to the amount of urine we can drink on a daily basis. In fact, the founder of urine therapy, Armstrong, once he was cured of the tuberculosis that he suffered, kept a maintenance therapy that included drinking all the urine he passed.


Reconstruction of organs and tissues by urine

Urine Therapy essentially consists of reincorporating the vital elements contained in urine into our body, and which are contributed to our body, in two different ways, through the mouth and through the skin.

These vital elements, as building bricks, will be able to be used and reorganized by our body to fill deficiencies, rebuild and regenerate tissues and organs affected by disease or deteriorated and worn out by normal metabolism.

In fact, our body is in a constant process of rebuilding its tissues and organs, since organs and tissues suffer wear and tear in normal metabolic processes.

Wear of tissues and organs that are accentuated in the face of an illness.

A FINAL WORD OF WARNING: urine fasts without rubbings could cause some minor problems or unwanted reactions such as heart palpitations, for lack of sufficient organ and tissue nutrition. Urine rubbings cause the components of urine to be absorbed unchanged through the skin, bypassing the digestive system, complementing the components contributed by urine as taken via oral.

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