The day-to-day of a urine therapy what fun!


One day when I left the dentist, after a complicated extraction of two teeth, my dentist told me:

When you get home, rinse your mouth with warm water and salt.”

Warm water and salt!” – I thought to myself.

I did not wait to get home and went to the bathroom for a moment, without explaining, took out my beautiful folding metal cup, peed in it, gargled, rinsed at will and swallowed my urine. My wounded mouth appreciated the delicate contact with the warm elixir, miraculously produced by myself!

The open wound in the mouth healed completely in a few days, without any pain, and at no time did a single drop of blood came out of the holes that my dentist opened.


Did we know that urine when leaving our body is the most sterile organic liquid that exists in nature? Of course, as soon as it leaves the body it can get contaminated with bacteria, like any other substance, but if we use it immediately fresh urine acts as a sterile substance, at the same time having highly accredited disinfectant and healing properties.

Fresh urine does not smell. Within days fresh urine ferments turning its urea content into ammonia, then we call it “old urine”. Old urine has an unpleasant smell, due to ammonia.

When we leave the urine exposed to external action for a while, the environmental bacteria ferment it, transforming the urea present in the urine into ammonia. Ammonia, being a very volatile substance, escapes from the urine giving rise to a characteristic and unpleasant smell. Characteristic odor of “old urine” that can be noticed, for example, in public urinals that are not kept perfectly clean.


On many occasions, in an accident, we may not have a first aid kit on hand. But we always have our own urine on hand, and anyone’s urine can be used externally, for wounds.

On one occasion, walking on ice in a hard winter march, I tripped and fell flat on my face, supporting myself on the ground with my hands, into which sharp ice crystals stuck me.

It was quite painful and unpleasant, and it was very cold. My hands bled while my colleagues busied themselves searching for a medicine cabinet in their backpacks.

“Don’t worry” I told them. To their astonishment I immediately proceeded to urinate on my hands, cleaning them of adhering ice and dirt. My hands received the urine, which felt nice and warm, as a blessing from heaven. My hands stopped bleeding immediately, my urine left them perfectly clean and disinfected.


Once used to it, which happens very soon, the taste of our urine is one of the most exquisite flavors that exist. And this is true for both fresh and old urine.

As with many “strong” tasting beverages and foods, such as wine, beer, cheese or fermented foods, the taste of urine, fresh or old, goes from strong to mild.

It is possible to speak of the one thousand and one flavors of urine. The taste of urine varies a lot throughout the course of one day and depending on what we eat and our activity. The taste of urine can vary from insipid, indistinguishable from water and slightly salty (after not having eaten food for a few hours or having drunk plenty of fluids, especially water), to a strong, salty and rustic flavor, following a copious meal based on protein foods such as meat, fish or cheese.

The taste of urine is especially pleasant and appropriate when we are out in the fields walking or hiking. Whether we are a little thirsty or not, drinking our urine is as pleasant as having a tea or herb infusion.

If we feel very thirsty, our body can ask us to supplement the urine by drinking water, an infusion, fruit juices, or eating soft foods rich in water, such vegetables soups.

There are no limits to the amount of urine that we can drink throughout the day, from a few drops (to seek a homeopathic effect, of which will discuss in a different section, but which is not contemplated by itself in the therapy of urine according to John W. Armstrong, main object of this blog) to all the urine that we produce throughout the day.


As with the taste of urine, the color of urine can vary greatly throughout the day. This color can vary from light and transparent, like water, to dark yellow. Light yellow is the most normal urine color. The transparent color indicates that we are well hydrated.

The different colors of urine can indicate different types of disease, but this should not concern us in terms of the application of urine therapy, since, as we have repeatedly said, as regards urine therapy diagnosis does not play any role at all. The way in which the therapy is applied is always the same: urine ingestion via the mouth or through the skin combined with a urine based fast with a duration and intensity as is appropriate to the severity of the case. Let us remind ourselves that in case of serious illnesses, fasts based on urine and water are essential.


Fresh urine hardly has any smell. When exceptionally our urine has a strong odor, we should not be concerned if it has to do with the ingestion of certain foods such as asparagus.

When fresh urine has a strong smell not attributable to any food previously ingested, it can be a disease symptom, so it is good idea visiting the doctor.

However, as we have already said and repeated, this does not prevent us from proceeding with our urine therapy, on the contrary, since if we are following a urine therapy, we are doing it with a dual purpose, for maintenance of health and treatment of disease. That said, our therapy can only benefit us regardless of our condition.

Old urine, unlike fresh urine being odorless, smells of ammonia, so we must store it properly. Now then, as regards urine rubbings, after performing them thoroughly, either with fresh or old urine, once the urine has been dried, the skin does not give off any odor, as we have already explained in the section on “Application of Urine Therapy”.


The intimate contact with our urine changes the relationship we have with ourselves and makes us respect our body more as something sacred. In this regard, allow me to say that we are always walking within the realm of the sacred, being rarely aware of it. Only in exceptional moments, paradoxically for example in the face of misfortune, are we able to “wake up” and realize that we were and always have been living in the midst of what is sacred, within the uniqueness of each instant.

By drinking our urine, which we had expelled to the exterior, we are carrying out a recycling in the same way as nature does with fallen leaves or organic matter. Precious substances from our blood which were passed out with the urine, return to our organism through the mouth and through the skin.

These substances return to us but in a different form, transformed into simpler components, which can be easily reused by our body.

Like pieces of Lego disordered and expelled by the urine, these components are contributed back to our organism. Everything indicates, judging by the results of Urine Therapy, that these components, like Lego pieces, are rearranged and reused by the body for the reconstruction of tissues and organs naturally worn out or devastated by the disease.

We incorporate these elements in two ways. On the one hand we have the ingestion of urine through the mouth, a process in which the digestive system will mediate. And on the other hand, we have the ingestion of urine through the skin, through rubs or rubbings. Urine rubbings on the skin make it possible for the components present in the urine to be reincorporated directly into our body, without going through a digestive process.

By way of an explanatory example, let us say that if it were feasible to drink blood and rub ourselves with it, as we do with our urine, it would not have the healing effects that urine has, since blood is made up of substances in its “raw”, not metabolized complex state and therefore, not embeddable as pieces or loose elements, for the reconstruction of organs and tissues.

That is, we can build or rebuild a house with simple elements, such as bricks or even with the rubble of the house itself, what we cannot do is build a house when we only have complex elements already formed, such as rooms or a complete roof.

In a certain sense, for the reconstruction of our body through urine therapy we rely on the “debris” that our body expels through urine, debris, pieces of Lego, which are reincorporated and contributed to our body for the reconstruction of organs and tissues.

There is another effect of urine therapy that Armstrong, the founder of urine therapy, did not dwell on and which we will discuss in another section. It is about the homeopathic effect of urine. It happens that when the urine of a sick patient is reintroduced into their body, the antibodies present in the urine can trigger their immune system to be activated to fight the disease, a mechanism like that of vaccination.


Today, for most people, urine is nothing more than a disgusting waste substance that the body excretes in order to function.

The idea that urine is a waste product is based on a total ignorance of its usefulness and our lack of contact with nature, which causes many natural processes and substances to disgust us. In this way, we prefer and have more confidence in milk coming out from a carton rather than that coming out of the udder of a goat or cow.

Disgust for urine is taught to children from an early age because parents have limited educational concepts and have learned to trust more in all that is artificial than in what is natural.

Urine is not a dirty and toxic substance rejected by the body. What the kidneys excrete in the urine are neither poisons nor waste substances. The main function of the kidneys is not to eliminate substances that could harm us. The main function of the kidneys is to regulate and control the concentration of substances present in the blood.

Urine is made up of valuable substances which, at the time of being excreted, similarly as meal leftovers, we simply did not need them.

In summary, any substance found in the blood in an abnormally high or low proportion can be a symptom of disease and even a cause of death. So, controlling the right proportion of substances in the blood is one of the main functions of our kidneys.

By way of example, glucose, an essential component of the blood, when in an abnormally high proportion, can be a symptom of a serious disease: diabetes.


We must be incredibly careful and not get carried away with enthusiasm, pretending to share with everyone that we are carrying out a therapy consisting of drinking and “bathing ourselves” in our own urine.

Many people may react with disgust and even, surprisingly, with hatred towards us, which can result in our being socially isolated.

We must know very well with whom we share our therapy in order to ensure that sharing may be a reason for joy and not for conflict. We must do it little by little, carefully testing the ground with family and friends with whom we are about to share our experience.

Of course, it all depends on the strength of our character, and whether we care or not about what people think or say. However, be careful, what people think or say will always affect us in a certain degree.

Importantly, we have also to consider how disclosing what we do can affect our family, there is a need to be careful about that as well.

For my part, after a period of about 3 months, during which I was careful to hide from friends, family and relatives what I was doing, except to my great support, my dear wife, I decided to share with everyone (this blog is the proof) the auto-therapy I was undergoing which essentially consisted of drinking and rubbing my body with urine.

The good news is that far from encountering too many rejection reactions, I have mostly encountered reactions of admiration and amazement. I explained that when in the face of a diagnosis of advanced cancer with metastases ( which if untreated would leave me with an expected survival of only a few months), far from being scared by such poor prognosis, my reaction was to reject the proposed conventional radiotherapy or surgical treatments, and instead immediately adopted an Auto – Urine Therapy treatment according to Armstrong’s methodology.

After 7 months of urine therapy, a follow-up analysis gave perfect results. Thus, a slight bone affectation completely disappeared, also I find myself to be in perfect physical and psychological condition, better than ever in my life. The PSA levels show that the tumor is still there but controlled and stopped in its tracks.

At 75 years old, I practice mountaineering and demanding trekking, exactly as I was doing until the moment I was diagnosed with cancer. I had no warning symptoms. It is known that prostate cancer does not warn, being asymptomatic until it is detected, as in my case, in a very advanced state.

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