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Partial practices of urine therapy at all times and circumstances

In this section, completely based on my personal experience, we are going to see how we can practice urine therapy at all times and in all circumstances, in full view of everyone, but without anyone being aware!

When I say in full view of everyone, I mean simple ways to apply urine therapy, taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by daily activity, without interrupting it: squaring the circle!

In this section, as it is an application of Urine Therapy in the midst of daily activities and even away from home, we will refer to fresh urine, just out of the urethra, since it does not have an odor.

In the classic treatment, comfortably at home, fresh urine is used for ingestion while “old urine” is preferred for skin rubbings. Old urine is a few days old urine that has been fermented by environmental bacteria, thus the classic ammonia smell.


IS FRESH URINE STERILE? Yes and no. In a healthy person, urine in the bladder and until it gets out of the urethra, is, for the purposes of possible infections, sterile. In addition, fresh urine, far from being “infectious” is a powerful “disinfectant”, among many other properties.

However, contrary to what was thought until recently, normal human urine, from a healthy person, is not completely sterile, but has its own protective microbiota or bacterial flora. Bacterial flora formed mainly by Lactobacillus, and Streptococci, among other bacteria, which exert a fundamental protective action of the urinary system against possible infections by pathogenic bacteria.

The urinary system, due to its contact with the outside through the urethra, is very exposed to all kinds of infections, but paradoxically it very rarely that gets infected since the system has a whole series of mechanisms to prevent, stop or erradicate any invasion attempt by pathogenic bacteria from the outside. One of these protective mechanisms is precisely the normal healthy microbiota present in the urine.

The protective function of the urinary microbiota on the urinary system is similar to that exerted by the intestinal microbiota on the digestive system.

The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, for example, can affect the urinary microbiota, favoring the appearance of pathogenic flora, which is a frequent cause of the development of pathologies such as prostatitis and cystitis, very difficult to combat, which can even lead to prostate cancer.

In sum, as far as this article concerns human urine, our own urine, is a substance perfectly suitable for its preventive and therapeutic use on our part. Furthermore, if we were sick and our urine were infected by pathogenic bacteria, urine self-therapy would be doubly indicated, since its ingestion would act as an auto-vaccine, stimulating our immune system, a thing which we will explain in detail in the section referring to general immunotherapy and specific auto-immunotherapy.

IMPORTANT OBSERVATION. Once the urine leaves the urethra, it behaves like any organic substance, being a good breeding ground for bacteria, therefore, in the case of fresh urine, we must use it immediately, not allowing much time to elapse. We can even keep urine in the refrigerator if necessary, if we think it will take us some time before we make use of it.


What I am going to explain next refers to partial applications of Urine Therapy. By partial applications of therapy I mean applications of therapy at specific times throughout the day, applying for example the urine rubs on a part of the body, instead of on the whole body.

As we have seen in the section Application of Urine Therapy, this therapy consists of the simultaneous application of 3 fundamental practices: 1.- Fasting based on urine and water; 2.- Ingestion of urine through the mouth and 3.- Application urine rubbings on the skin.

Being in good health and eating a healthy and balanced diet, we can carry out a maintenance therapy in which we can dispense with the strict fasting of urine and water (by eating a balanced diet and limiting ourselves to drinking part of our urine) and observe a less strict urine fasting combined with a light diet. In any case, the ingestion of urine and water must always be supplemented with more or less partial urine rubs, as explained below.

In my experience, a maintenance therapy, with partial applications of the therapy, can be as effective as a strict classical therapy (being much more comfortable), and this depending on frequency of the application and intensity. The application of Urine Therapy at specific moments can be very comfortable since it allows us to continue with our daily activities without having to reserve a special moment to practice the therapy, which will make it easier for us not to “skip” it, but to the contrary, we can easily intensify it without any laziness.

Naturally, even if perfectly healthy, we can carry out, at any time, a complete classic and intense urine therapy (as explained in the section “Application of Urine Therapy), of greater or lesser duration, including all the elements: fasting , ingestion and rubbing, and all that as a sort of “spring cure”, ir shock therapy.

Let us clarify that even when we speak of just fast, in a urine therapy context, we always and without exception refer to a urine and water fast (fasting always and without exception supplemented with the ingestion of urine and urine rubbings, we will never tire of repeating it).

As we have said on previous occasions, fasting can consist of a strict urine and water fast, where the only food is urine itself, or it can be a partial fast that includes, in addition to urine, a very light diet, with hardly any proteins and based on cereal porridge (oatmeal for example), vegetables, broth or milk.

REGARDING THE ATTITUDE TO FASTING, or to the urine therapy itself. A happy and positive attitude is of fundamental importance. If we do things properly, with enthusiasm, joy and conviction, no one should realize or imagine that we are undergoing therapy.

The therapy itself helps a lot to our attitude, since if we understand well what we are doing and if we are doing it well, we will notice at all times and immediately the powerful effects of therapy, so WE CAN SHOW OURSELVES FULL OF JOY!

In this sense, there is nothing better and more truly healing than following evangelical advice:

“WHEN YOU FAST, DON’T LET IT SHOW! Do not do as the hypocrites do; for they try to look miserable and dishevelled so that people will admire them for their fasts. They will receive no other reward than such vain praise. But you instead, when you fast, anoint you head and wash your face so that you may not be seen fasting by men, but by your Father and your Father who sees in secret will repay you. (Matthew 6: 16-18).


Throughout the day there are countless circumstances in which we can continue to carry out our urine therapy with total discretion. For this, it will be good to always carry a collapsible cup where we can collect our urine and use it.

IN THE BATHROOM. When we go to the bathroom to urinate, whether we are at home or away from home, we can urinate into our collapsible cup and immediately ingest our urine both through the mouth and through the nose (sipping).

At the same time or at another time, if we have a few minutes, we can rub urine on our face, head, neck, and hair. The urine that fits in the hollow of the palm of one hand is enough to soak our hair and then spread the urine by rubbing vigorously all over the head and neck.

Rubbing vigorously, the urine soon disappears, much of it absorbed through the skin. Fresh urine does not leave an odor, especially when our diet is light and not very rich in substances rich in proteins, such as meat, fish or highly cured cheese.

By the way, as we become experts in the application of Urine Therapy, we can see that urine acts as a kind of infallible barometer about the state of our body, indicating to us, through the smell and taste of our own urine, in what degree of health or disease we are in.

Depending on the circumstances, we will be able to spend more or less time in the bathroom. Throughout the day there will be many occasions to go to the bathroom, and the good thing is that we always carry with us the best medicine in the world: our own urine!

BEING OUTDOORS, when going to urinate, we can do as usual, getting a little behind a rock or tree, urinating in our collapsible cup and then drinking from it and do urine rubbings, according to time and circumstances: arms, head and hair. If we are alone, we have a little more time for a partial rub (or total, if we are in a bathing suit). All we have to do is rubbing ourselves so that urine rapidly dries and disappears, having partly evaporated and having partly been absorbed by our skin.

ON THE RIVER OR ON THE BEACH. If we are in a bathing suit we can take advantage of doing a full body rub, provided we carry fresh urine in a little jar. To do that all we have to previously do is going to the toilet, urinate in our jar, and then in the river, beach or field, apply the urine as a body cream. In fact, urine has a creamy texture similar to any cosmetic cream.

Throughout the day there are multiple opportunities to ingest and rub ourselves with our own urine, with greater or lesser freedom. On the beach, in the field, at home, in the toilet. Without interrupting our daily tasks we can be perfectly be doing a urine therapy as intense or even more intense as the classical standard therapy but carried out with complete discretion and comfort.

We can well enjoy, laugh and rejoice with our therapy without anyone being able to suspect where we get so much energy manifested in our irrepressible joy. The effects of urine, magical elixir, are always immediately noticeable.


The entire head, especially the face, the forehead, the epithelium of the nose, the ears and the vault of the skull, are all points of great transdermal absorption of substances. As for the trunk, we have the chest, and above the lower abdomen we have THE NAVEL, WHICH HAS A VERY HIGH ABSORPTION CAPACITY OF ANY SUBSTANCE.

EXTERNAL GENITAL ORGANS OF MAN. The skin folds of the scrotum bag, which covers the male testicles, are a part of the male anatomy with maximum absorption of substances through these folds. When urinating we can wet the scrotum a little with our urine, allowing it to dry.

As for the penis, it is important to thoroughly clean the glans, removing the foreskin that covers it. If we do not wash the glans frequently, a whitish secretion called smegma (in addition to semen) can accumulate at the bottom of it, a substance that, apart from its bad smell, constitutes a good breeding ground for the proliferation of bacteria, bacteria that can give place to the entrance of infections through the urethra.

There is nothing more effective and therapeutic than washing and cleaning the glans thoroughly with our own urine at the time of urination, for which we only have to interpose the palm of the hand when urinating and wet the glans and its foreskin.

Washing the glans with our own urine (I imagine it may surprise you) is incomparably better than washing it with water. Indeed, washing with water presents several problems, the water may be too cold or too hot, in addition to the fact that tap or mineral water will in no case be sterile (unless it is freshly boiled), with which we expose ourselves to a urinary infection. On the other hand, our own urine, apart from coming out at body temperature, is free of pathogenic bacteria, apart from the fact that we cannot be infected with a substance that comes out of our own body.

EXTERNAL GENITAL ORGANS OF THE WOMAN. Similar sensitive points than in men with the difference that women have a vulva instead of a penis. Among the elements to highlight of the vulva are the labia majora, minora and the clitoris, elements that we can wash in the way indicated for male organs.

FINAL OBSERVATION: WHAT IS THE SENSE OF REINTRODUCING IN THE ORGANISM WHAT HAS BEEN EXPELLED FROM IT? It has all the sense of the world. Urine, far from being a waste substance, is an ultrafiltrate of blood.

The kidneys primary function is to maintain the balance of the blood. Our kidneys perform this by removing excesses of substances that the body does not need at the time. Urine is not “a waste product” in same the way as stools are.

Prior to the production of urine, our liver has performed a purifying function of the blood, with the formation of bile. And here again, we have to say that the bile cannot be termed as a “waste substance”, to the contrary, bile is a valuable and essential substance which is stored in the gallbladder and excreted into the intestine to facilitate digestion. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN THOUGHT OUT BY MOTHER NATURE!

Futhermore, among the more than 3000 present and perfectly identified in the urine are a significant proportion of stem cells. In fact, urine has recently become the best, simple, non-aggressive resource for obtaining stem cells.

Through urine therapy, what we are doing is reintroducing simple elements and cell fragments into our body that are easily assimilated and immediately usable for the reconstruction of organs and tissues.

In this last respect, and as we will explain fully in the corresponding section, our organism is not a static system, as previously thought, but rather a dynamic system in which a constant destruction and reconstruction of the whole organism takes place, a concept that can incidentally help us understand the mechanism of action of Urine Therapy.

By the way, modern man has not “discovered” urine therapy; such therapy has been used (not just “discovered”) by both man and animals, since the dawn of time.

ADDITIONAL OBSERVATION: OPENING THE SKIN PORES WITH WARM WATER OR STEAM. The absorption capacity of the skin is noticeably increased if we cause the pores of the skin to open. The pores of the skin can be opened in several ways; the simplest thing is to wash the skin with warm water. A good shower with hot water will open the pores of the whole body.

Similarly, steam face baths o full-body steam baths, such as Turkish baths or Saunas, will effectively open the pores of our skin.

In addition, and naturally, as regards urine therapy, we must apply our urine warm by heating it over a little, not boiling it.

In fact, as soon as it leaves the urethra, urine is at the perfect temperature for application on the skin, and all the better if we have previously prepared the skin pores as we have just explained.


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