Urine: the barometer of your body! The infinite flavors of urine

Drinking our urine throughout the day, totally or partially, in addition to the benefits it brings us, is our best barometer to know and control the state of health of our body. How is this possible?

URINE PRESENTS DIFFERENT FLAVORS AND ODORS throughout the day depending on what we eat, drink or do. Thus, for example, almost everyone has experienced the strong smell of asparagus that our urine gives off immediately after eating asparagus.

The thing is that urine with its infinite flavors, is going to be our healthy eating guide, it will educate us and teach us to eat well and, most important of all, it will teach to eat in moderation.

After overindulging with food, we will almost immediately detect it by the flavor of our urine, which will then present an “unpleasant” taste, a “bad bitter taste”, of different intensity depending on the excess committed.

After having taken any food or drink, within a few hours, even minutes, our urine will present from a pleasant or insipid taste to a strong, bitter, salty, acid or sweet taste, depending on what we have taken.

NOTE. A bitter or bad tasting urine does not mean that urine cannot be ingested or used. It often happens that when we are not used to a certain flavor it may seem unpleasant to us, which happens only at first, before we get used to it.

Our own urine, regardless of its taste or state (even if shows signs of infection), retains all its beneficial properties, if properly self-applied, and therefore can be safely taken and used and with complete confidence.

The strong and bitter taste of urine occurs especially after excessive ingestion of protein-rich foodstuffs, such as meat, cold cuts, highly aged cheeses, eggs, fish and other animal derived products or from some rich-protein vegetable products such as nuts.

This strong flavor mainly comes from urea, substance derived from the metabolism of proteins.

Urine can also have a strong flavor simply after a large meal, notwithstanding its composition may have been well balanced and correct. Likewise, urine may momentarily present a strong taste following vigorous exercise and/or having drunk little or no water.

NOTE. What we have just explained regarding foodstuffs rich in protein does not mean that these types of foodstuffs are harmful; on the contrary, they are extremely valuable foods for our health. The point is that, as occurs with other foodstuffs without exception, they must be consumed in moderation.

Urine, for the above reasons, is our best ally and friend to warn us with all affection and perseverance about whether we are eating properly.

WE MUST INSIST ON THE DANGERS OF OVEREATING. There is nothing that can harm our health more and generate more illness than excesses in food. Even if what we eat are products of the highest quality and totally organic, if we eat more than is necessary, to satisfy our appetite, we will be seriously damaging our health.

After a large meal we know perfectly well, before and after, that we have eaten in excess. It was all so delicious! – we may exclaim. However, after a large meal we often feel heavy and regret that we have overeaten. We may be feeling bad all day.

Now then, the taste of our urine comes to our aid, it will confirm or reconfirm what we already knew, that we have eaten too much. Urine confirms to us that we are damaging our body, that we are subjecting our organism to a gratuitous and unnecessary overexertion.

Through the strong bitter taste of our urine we know that our kidneys have been forced to expel excess protein in the form of urea and other compounds from food metabolism.

Urine, by warning us of any excess in food, will help us to take seriously our diet and especially to eat in moderation.

At the sight of a table full of food, we will already know in advance that we should not overeat, and that if we do, our body will suffer, our kidneys will complain and above all our urine will tell us.

In my experience, it is easier to be moderate in food, that is, trying not to eat more than is necessary, when we know in advance that our urine will detect it and will be affected by what we eat.

It is a good thing that we eat and enjoy our food. We need to eat, but we have to ensure that food does not cause us harm, due to its excess.

“GRAVES ARE FULL OF GREAT DINNERS,” my good mother used to say.

OBSERVATION ON HUNGER IN THE WORLD. Foods and specifically foods which contain “complete” proteins (those with the 8 essential amino acids) are absolutely necessary to sustain our life.

In countries where people go hungry, they do not go hungry due to lack of food, they may have plenty of food. Abundance of food is worth nothing when there is an almost total lack of foodstuffs providing “complete” proteins. A lack of complete proteins causes hunger and even death.

URINE ALSO REWARDS US! Going back to urine, urine will also reward us! Urine does not take long to reward us and “forgive” us for our excesses. Indeed, after a few hours of “fast” (just not eating), following a large meal, our urine will quickly go from presenting a strong taste, due to overeating, to a pleasant insipid taste, a taste similar to warm water or to a broth poor in salt.

OUR URINE INVITES US TO START AGAIN. Urine helps prevent overeating at the next meal; it invites us to enjoy our food without having to regret having fallen into “gluttony”.

In short, urine even goes beyond being a true panacea. Urine will not only help us to maintain health and heal disease, but it will also help us to develop an optimal diet and lifestyle.


In order for us to appreciate the enormous help that the “little” push that our urine can give us in favor of our health, let’s consider the difficulties involved in trying to eat moderately.

Eating moderately, without overindulging, is not, nor has it ever been, something easy, not even for saints! Thus Saint Augustine in his Confessions tells us of the “sin of gluttony”, and how difficult it was, even for him, to eat in moderation, and so he says:

“Who is it, Lord, that does not eat a little more than necessary? – he confesses.

And he adds, quite rightly and ahead of our time which claims to have discovered healthy living:

“The blame on us after overeating is aggravated if it causes harm to our body”.

In effect, we hurt ourselves when we overindulge in food, the consequences being easy to feel and see. Feeling: we feel heavy and unable to do anything. To see: the most visible thing is that we increase in volume and weight!

And what is the remedy that is usually put into practice? Submitting, without proper advice, to all kinds of terrifying therapies, diets and fasts.

Going on a diet without being well advised is sheer madness. “Miracle” diets, different types of fasting, weight loss products, all it does is adding harm to harm.

If eating in moderation is difficult, it goes without saying how difficult it can be to follow a strict diet! Preposterous, impossible! Luckily…

Diets, fasts or slimming therapies are usually started with great rigor and enthusiasm. The bad thing (or rather the good thing!) is that such diets and therapies are soon abandoned as we soon feel unable to follow them.

The weight we lose after following a poorly designed diet and lifestyle is quickly recovered when we see that we cannot follow it and so we will abandon it, to go back to our usual diet of excesses.

SUMMING UP AND IN VIEW OF THE ABOVE, let’s hope it has become crystal clear that urine is the best barometer we have, in the whole wide world, in order to know at all times and instantly how our body feels we are treating it. Let’s learn to recognize the different flavors of urine and follow their directions.

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