About me

Hi, I’m Eugenio! Welcome to my blog: “Cancer and Urine Therapy”.

Cancer, what a terrible word, isn’t it? Have you been diagnosed with cancer? What a scare! And yet, you are in for a huge surprise!

You are in luck! You don’t know how lucky you are! It’s the best thing that could have happened to you! It has happened to me too! It is happening to me right now! And here I am, happier than ever! I could never feel any happier. And well in the process of self-healing.

Cancer is a blessing in disguise! A true blessing disguised as a curse!

The development of a disease represents the saving response of our body to situations that endanger our health and even our life. Disease is a saving reaction!

Yes, my friend, cancer is a blessing from heaven. There is nothing that could do greater good to you. You were asleep; we all are to a greater or lesser extent. But suddenly, bang! We wake up.

You will discover from your own experience why so many people find joy and a powerful will to live after being diagnosed with an “incurable” disease or after having suffered a terrible test or misfortune.

They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you strong! They also say that when God puts you to the test, it is because he loves you and wants something great from you!

As for cancer, the majority of people diagnosed with cancer, often on routine testing, had not any obvious signs or symptoms of being sick or only very mild ones, symptoms, which in no way may be attributable to a serious illness such as cancer. Therefore, a cancer diagnosis is always a huge surprise.

How do we usually react to a cancer diagnosis? Not very well, I’m afraid.

Seconds before becoming aware of the “fatal” diagnosis, we were or thought we were perfectly fine, even better than ever! But suddenly, thanks to a simple word, “cancer”, we think we can allow ourselves to sink into misery: we feel, believe and above all imagine ourselves sick, fatally ill.

When we are diagnosed with a disease, which did not show the slightest symptom, it is actually more of a prognosis than a diagnosis, that is, information about what may happen in the future if we do not adopt any measures.

The “diagnosis-prognosis” does not tell us that we have to feel sick. We did not feel in anyway sick prior to the diagnosis and we have no reason to feel sick as long as we don’t have any sign of the diagnosed condition. It can be compared to being reminded that we are mortal and are going to die! So what!?

What is to be highly appreciated is that the “diagnosis-prognosis” warns us that may be something was going wrong, or rather, that something may go terribly wrong in the not too distant future, if we do nothing.

True, for the moment it is as though our body had reached a certain state of balance with our cancer. As a matter of fact, in many cases, cancer does not spread for years, or does so very slowly (as in old age), so doctors, in such cases, may decide to leave it alone and go for the so called “active monitoring”.

The diagnosis that conventional medicine pronounces is more often than not absolutely correct and much to be appreciated, quite another matter is the treatment or treatments proposed. There are many more possibilities of treatment than those normally offered by conventional medicine, of which we will have we will have ample opportunity to talk about at length in our blog.

Now then, almost the worst news I have to give you is that cancer can be cured! Not only does conventional medicine say so, but traditional and naturopathic medicine also says so.

But we cannot stop there, we cannot limit ourselves to restoring our health (do we really know what that is?).

We need to aim for a higher level of physical and spiritual health. We can’t just aim at making our bodies function. We cannot treat our body as a machine, as a mere instrument in our service! Our body is much more than that; it is our other self. Two distinct selves or natures, combined in one and the same person, as it were. The individual’s Trinity, minus one!

You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Do you really love yourself? Do you respect yourself’, or do you just focus on loving and respecting others? Can you really love, care and respect others if you don’t really love, care and respect yourself?

Your body is yourself. You cannot limit yourself to treating your body well; you have to love and respect it and above all listen to it, pay attention to it, dialogue with it. Illness is a cry from your body calling out for you to paying attention to it.

You’ll tell me. “But I’ve always treated my body perfectly well. Cancer? Why me?”

I also had thought that I was treating my body perfectly well, and that I couldn’t possibly treat it any better!

And so, when we thought we were in better shape than ever, we are diagnosed with cancer! That means that you were not as fine as you thought. But, never mind, cancer will turn out a happy encounter!

If you thought you were healthy and happy, it is because you did not know yet what health or happiness really meant. Cancer is there to illustrate you! Cancer will turn out to be a challenge, an awakening of the will to live fully and to the desire to carry out your life’s projects with passion.

Well, let’s talk a little about myself. My name is Eugenio Llorente Barrueco. I was born in Zamora on April 20, 1946. When I was 3 years old, my parents moved to Salamanca, a city where I spent my whole childhood, adolescence and youth. I am the oldest of 7 brothers and sisters.

I owe it all to my dear parents, Eugenio and Natividad who gave us a happy childhood; there could never be a better start in life!

I studied the first Degree Courses of Biology and Medicine at the Salamanca University, without ever completing my studies, always distracted by the subjects that fascinated me.

From very early on I was attracted to linguistics, very particularly the study of languages, . At some point or another I studied English, French, Italian, German and Turkish, and even Chinese, languages that I always studied in a self-taught way.

For a few years I worked as Guest Lecturer of Linguistics at the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid.

I hold a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature.

Likewise, for a few years I worked for Iberia Airlines of Spain, which allowed me to travel as a famiy, always taking with us our 5 little children on authentic adventure trips.

For the last 10 years and up to 2019 I have worked as translator for the international company Conento (now Deloitte).

I currently live between Madrid and Arenas de San Pedro which is the heart of the Gredos Mountain Range.

I constantly read, study and conduct research in a variety of fields, such as Traditional Medicine, History, Linguistics, and Sociology. Very particularly I do research in the Chinese Language and Script. Chinese Language and Script!!! My Linguistic Paradise!!!

As for hobbies, since as far as I can remember I have felt an great passion for nature and particularly for mountaineering. I love organizing mountain hikes for family and friends, both nationally and internationally, which I do quite frequently.

I adore my wife, María José, I adore my 9 grandchildren, I adore my brothers and sisters and as a finishing golden touch let me confess that I adore my once-stray dog Miky, my other self!